NCAP: Affecting ALL Clearing Agents/Importers/Exporters/Bonded Warehouse Licensees

Are you perplexed with all the new requirements under the New Customs Control and Duty Act?
• Our Customs Compliance Program is designed to unpack the NCAP making it easier for you to ensure your business readiness and trade compliance.
• Join us for our information rich program which guarantees a comprehensive takeaway of relevant, real time information
• Fully updated and value added content that provides you with real solutions for NCAP implementation for your enterprise

Workshops with Strong focus on CSK and RCG
New Reporting and Conveyancing of Goods. (Who needs to report What & When)

Currently we are offering the Customs Compliance Program which includes a comprehensive component of transit movements (RIT procedures), Customs Control Areas and important change points on the new Customs Control Act 31 of2014.

This course is aimed at equipping staff with accurate functional knowledge to
• Reduce the risk of non- compliance and penalties are reduced.
• Ensure that you minimize customs stops with our mitigation techniques and countermeasures


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